Applecross Trust community consultation

15 June 2022

The Applecross Trust held an open afternoon on 24 March 2022 to present ideas for the potential use of the old steading, the clock tower and the stables. All members of the community were welcomed to attend the afternoon which was held at the Applecross Community Hall. The Trustees were on hand to answer any questions, and the drawings were on display to give people an idea of what could be developed. Community members were asked to write down suggestions and feedback, and all notes were collated after the event.

Following on from the community open afternoon, an online version of the presentation was circulated for those that were not able to attend. The online presentation is still available for anyone to view and give their feedback and can be found here.

The presentation has also been displayed at the Applecross Community Hall, just inside the entrance of the building. Again, people can leave feedback and suggestions in a box beneath the display. Posters have been put up around the community with information about the presentation. The display will remain in place until 31 July 2022.