Applecross Trust monthly update

5 August 2019

Planning Aid Scotland - Plan-It Applecross

The Trust attended a meeting with the Highland Council and the Applecross Community Company on 17 June to discuss the Community Land Use Plan produced by Planning Aid Scotland. The Plan (named Plan-it Applecross) is being finalised for adoption, with details to be presented by the Community Company at the next Applecross Forum meeting on 2 October.

Hartfield House hostel

The hostel is busy with guests, and the staff team is enthusiastic about the future. More substantial works will wait until the summer season has ended, but small improvements are being made. The flower beds to the front have been dug, and new plants planted. The parking area has been levelled and gravelled, and the outbuildings are being cleared. The building is soon to be painted, and the grounds are being maintained. Over the coming weeks, a new brand for Hartfield House is being developed that will enable the business to develop its own identity, and successfully grow.

Sawmill site

The sawmill has been taken down, and groundworks done in preparation for a general purpose shed.

Path network

Maintenance work is taking place on the network of paths and trails around the Applecross peninsula, ensuring that they are in good condition for all who use and enjoy them.

Moorland Study

PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University, Emmanuel Boateng is carrying out a vegetation survey on the heathland on the Applecross Estate this summer. The survey will form part of the research of upland and lowland heaths to evaluate nitrogen-phosphorus interaction on lower plants in open heathlands. It is a great opportunity for Applecross to be included in research of this kind, and the results will be useful in helping to inform management of the land going forward.


Smiddy Wood

Timber harvesting is progressing well. One third of the wood has been harvested with no disruption to the road or community. The timber lorry is going out via the coast road to different destinations, and exceeds no more than two loads per day. Smiddy wood will be replanted with broadleaf woodland, which will provide benefit to the environment, wildlife and the community for many years to come.


Discussions are continuing with the Community Woodlands Group to look at options for potential community purchase of Torgarve woodland. The woodland, owned by the Applecross Trust, is part of the Archaeological Trail, and is used for the Applecross Primary School Forest School.


15 July 2019