Applecross Trust Monthly Update

12 January 2022

Hartfield House

Hartfield House Hostel was fully booked from end of April through to end of September. The autumn remained busy and has only really quietened down in November.

Hartfield will be open to 20 December and will then close for maintenance until 1 March 2022. A significant schedule of works is planned over the winter to improve the function of the building but also to develop the business.

There will be full drainage works, the connection of additional electric power, upgrading of rooms, preparation for new businesses in the form of a laundry and a bakery, and development of a tuck shop. Staff accommodation will be progressed, and the Bunkhouse will be made available for booking, as well as looking into the potential for utilizing the outside space.

Hartfield will be focusing very much on green issues in the coming year, building on the progress made in 2021 to become a more environmental business. It has signed up to a climate charter and is working towards its GTBS award. It has also been made aware of support for development of biking facilities and will look to create something really valuable for its customers.

2022 season is shaping up to be another busy one. With a good team and a clear plan for the future, Hartfield is a positive place to be.