Applecross Trust monthly update

10 September 2019

Hartfield House hostel

Hartfield House has been repainted and the grounds maintained. The hostel continues to be very busy with guests, and everyone is working hard over the summer season. Staff accommodation is being created and some of the old storage containers repaired or removed. Hartfield House has now been split into 4* hostel in the main house, and The Bunkhouse, a self contained building offering good basic accommodation for groups and individuals. A new brand for Hartfield House has now been agreed and will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Habitat Study

Experts, David Leat and Chris Wright, from Northumberland, are studying the bird life around the Clachan path area of the Estate. They are looking at the conservation work undertaken by The Trust, and looking at the health of the bird life as a result. They have much work still to do and will provide a report that will help inform future planning of the estate grounds. However, anecdotally, the broadleaf woodland has significant value and the bird life is very healthy.


Smiddy Wood

Timber harvesting at Smiddy wood is now complete. There is still a considerable amount of timber to be taken out via the coast road to different destinations, and this will continue until everything has been delivered. Smiddy wood will be replanted with broadleaf woodland, which will provide benefit to the environment, wildlife and the community for many years to come.

Smiddy Path / Archaeological Trail

As the Smiddy wood felling has been completed, the Archaeological Trail, and specifically the Smiddy path has been reopened. The felling of the woodland will mean that walkers along the path will encounter spectacular views over Applecross and the Islands that they had not seen before.


The Applecross Trust staff are taking a proactive and natural approach to maintaining the estate grounds. Ragwort is being pulled and removed to ensure it is kept to a minimum, and not present in silage for the animals. This is hard but necessary work and a much more environmental option to spraying the ragwort.


15 August 2019