Applecross Trust monthly update

17 January 2020


Allt Mor

Plans are being produced for a new woodland creation site along the Allt Mor, on the Applecross Estate.

Airigh Drishaig

The woodland at Airigh Drishaig is to be continued under a new grant scheme. This will result in on-going responsibility to enhance woodland regeneration, but the presence of Amy Clarkson (tenant) will give some assurance that the works should prove successful.


Clearance of the gorse and Sitka spruce regeneration from the Smiddy Wood broadleaf area has been undertaken by a local team.

Torgarve Wood

A meeting in Applecross with Community Woodlands is scheduled in January to discuss options for the future of Torgarve wood.


The Old Smiddy

Planning consent has finally been secured for the renovation. As part of a planning condition a car parking area for the Old Smiddy, Smiddy Cottage and Forge End is to be completed before works can start on the cottage itself.

Estate Shed

The necessary planning consent is now in place and the design specification for the foundations specified and approved by an engineer. The contractor is due on site in January to lay the concrete foundation pads, and the shed sections are expected during the week starting 27 January.

Once completed, this will release the existing staff workshop at Clachan for an alternative use in line with the proposals under the Community Land Use Plan, hopefully sometime in the Spring of 2020.

The Old Cart Shed

The Trust will be working with others to clear the Old Cart Shed (at the entrance to the Campsite), again with a view to making it available for an alternative use.


The roof of the hall has now been replaced; the hall will also benefit from new windows which will prepare it for use as a wedding reception, and event venue. Full outside lighting has been installed, and the drying room has been refurbished for the coming season. Works are now underway on creating 3x en suite double rooms, and an en suite family room.

Bookings are going extremely well and the season is already looking busy!


Allt na Moine

CRF Hydropower Ltd have now confirmed that funding for the hydro scheme is in place, and that they are in a position to mobilise works by March 2020. Resumption of the development area, including the pipeline route, is part of a pending application. Timelines are very tight so far as SSE and commissioning dates are concerned, and if the scheme is to work financially it must be built within a year. Further details, including the mechanism for the contribution for community benefit, will be available after a meeting in January involving all interested parties, including the Lonbain and Callakille crofters.


The Trust has been asked to oversee the project, and to liaise between the Helipad group and Kenny MacBeath as contractor.


Various crofting related matters are on-going to clarify ownership, boundaries and wayleaves.

Pensioners’ Firewood

The Applecross Trust team delivered free firewood to 43 pensioners in the area.