Applecross Trust Youth Scholarship Scheme

16 May 2021

Scholarships will be awarded in partnership with the Mackinnon-Macneill Trust.

The Mackinnon-Macneill Trust offers scholarships on academic merit to those from the West Coast, and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland who intend to study subjects in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering and technology. Full details and application forms are available in the last term of each academic year from secondary schools within that catchment area, including Plockton High School.

The Applecross Trust Youth Scholarship Scheme is designed to supplement the scope of these academic scholarships and will extend specifically to those who have been born in, be living in, or have resided in the past 5 years on the Applecross peninsula. The relevant application forms will be made available through Plockton High School in the same way as for the Mackinnon-Macneill Trust.

There will no bar on applying for both scholarships, although only one award can be made.

Applicants to the Applecross Trust Youth Scholarship Scheme for the should normally

  • Be over 16 years of age
  • Be following, or be about to follow a recognised full time course in any discipline or subject at a University, College or Training Centre.
  • Be intending to follow a career which is particularly relevant to new or existing job opportunities on the Applecross peninsula, or which may otherwise be regarded as being of particular merit in the context of the needs of the community on the Applecross peninsula.

Applicants will be expected to provide details of their achievements at school and of their career aspirations, together with confirmation of their acceptance (or qualified acceptance) for their chosen course.

The annual value of an award under the Applecross Trust Youth Scholarship Scheme will be in the region of £1,000. It is intended that awards will be paid in half yearly instalments, and will continue for the full length of a course.