Catching of salmon smolts in the Applecross River

19 November 2015

The behaviours of salmon and trout as they leave Scottish rivers, and the challenges they face on their seaward migrations are largely unknown. Marine Scotland Science, the government body charged with obtaining scientific information about the marine environment, is embarking on a study to examine this important question. The Applecross river may have a key role to play. Marine Scotland scientist David Morris explained: “The river is almost unique on the west coast in that it flows more or less directly into the open sea rather than through a narrow sea loch. This situation is ideal for starting to look at the directions that salmon smolts take as they enter the ocean.” Pilot work will be undertaken this year in order to assess the suitability of the Applecross for studying salmon smolts as they first enter the sea.

Applecross Trust Administrator Archie MacLellan welcomed the Trust’s involvement in facilitating a study which could provide crucial information on the comparative risks of different geographical areas for salmon smolts.