Harvesting of Smiddy Wood

3 May 2019

Clear felling of Smiddy wood, on the Applecross estate, will shortly begin. Undertaken by Scottish Woodlands, this will take place earlier than originally planned, but fits with the timings as laid out in the Applecross Trust’s Long Term Forest Plan. Key dates are as follows:

13 May 2019: timber harvester to arrive at Keppoch and cutting at roadside to begin. Felling to begin mid-May.

15 May 2019: work to begin on bell mouth and forest track. Groundworks to be completed mid-June.

Timber haulage is due to take place from mid-May for a three-month period and will be limited to 1.5-2 lorries per day, leaving via the coast road. Disruption will be kept to a minimum and no roads will need to be closed.

The Archaeological Trail, which runs from the main road up as far as the gate at the top of the wood will be closed off. Access to the outdoor gym will only be possible through Torgarve woods on the other side. The rest of the Archaeological Trail will remain open.

There will be an amount of timber set aside for community use, by agreement with the Community Company.

Whilst initially, felling of a woodblock can look unsightly, there are many future benefits. Following the felling of Smiddy wood, there will be a replanting plan of broadleaf woodland, which, once grown, will provide a more sustainable and natural woodland that can be enjoyed by all.

If you have any queries, please get in touch admin@applecross.org.uk or call 07484 047250.