Update from The Applecross Trust

16 April 2021

Applecross Trust monthly update

It is calving time for the Applecross Fold of Highland Cattle. So far, 19 calves have been born, nine of which are heifers. There is one set of twins, for the fourth year running, something which is quite unusual. There are potentially a further 16 still to calf before the season ends (hopefully) in early May.

The Applecross Fold consists of 38 cows in total with one bull. Throughout the winter months the cattle are cared for by the Applecross Trust team, who feed them concentrates each morning and top up with silage as and when needed. Most of the cattle are known by name, and there is a plan to halter train one of the calves.

Many of the calves will be sold to returning customers throughout the UK and Europe. A heifer calf from the Applecross Fold recently sold at market for 1,200 guineas.

Late in 2020, 20 calves were sold to a returning customer in Cumbria; and eight heifer calves were sent to new homes in Snowdonia, Wales. This was a new customer, who bought the calves as a Christmas present for his wife!

If you would like to keep up to date with progress of the Highland Cattle, visit the facebook page: Applecross Fold of Highland Cattle, or follow the Instagram account: Applecross Fold.

When you visit Applecross, you will be sure to see the Applecross Fold in the surrounding fields and glens – and what a wonderful sight it is.